Violin instruments

"Złóbcoki" Violin

The latest episode in the “Instruments with Soul” film series features a presentation of the “złóbcoki” violin by popular musician and teacher of Polish highland music Krzysztof Trebunia-Tutka. Co-starring with him in the musical feature on the “złóbcoki” is Jan Trebunia-Tutka

The “złóbcoki” violin is an instrument made of a single piece of wood, typically played in the Podhale region. In the words of Krzysztof Trebunia-Tutka, who narrates the latest installment of “Instruments with Soul”, the player presses the instrument against their chest, “so that notes come out straight from the heart”. The function of the “złóbcoki” has changed alongside the transformations in the Polish highland culture. The instrument is no longer played in the mountain pastures, at dancing events, weddings and baptism parties—where it has been supplanted by the classical violin—serving instead as an irreplaceable accompaniment to traditional lore, “Sabała” fairy-tales, stories and legends. The relationship between the “złóbcoki” and the idiom of the Polish highlands, along with the archaic, piercing, as if “weepy” sound of the instrument make it a staple in the local folklore and music inspired by highland tradition.

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