Violin instruments

Adam Bałdych – violinist

Known for centuries, the violin is an instrument that can be used not only for classical music but also jazz, traditional and popular music, as proven by Adam Bałdych, who explores the violin every which way.

Jazz violinist and composer Adam Bałdych will take you on a journey through musical styles and genres, performing an excerpt from a piece by medieval composer Hildegard of Bingen (“Canticles of Ecstasy”), some traditional music, some jazz—both conventional and free—as well as a bit of popular music, concluding his performance with an improvisation which combines all of these styles.
The film features a fragment of a concert by Adam Bałdych and the Baltic Neopolis Orchestra performing his “Mosaic - Impressions” on 26 November 2015 in Szczecin at the Polish Radio Szczecin Studio S1.

Adam Bałdych (b. 1986) is a violinist and composer. Hailed by many critics as the future of the international jazz violin and a violin virtuoso, Bałdych is also praised for his original sound and compositions. He deliberately anchors his works in the Polish musical tradition, blurring the boundaries between classical and jazz music. He has performed in Poland and worldwide, released a number of recordings and received prestigious awards. The 2015/16 season saw him tour Poland with Helge Lien Trio with their CD album “Bridges”.

Executive producer: Anu Czerwiński
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