Shepherd instruments

Beskidy trembitas

In another episode of Instruments With a Soul, Łukasz and Paweł Golec are discussing trembitas together with Tadeusz Rucki – a highlander from Koniaków and a well-known constructor of these instruments.

“He who pastures after St. Michael’s shall not live to see the spring” – as tradition goes, on Michael’s name day, i.e. 29 September, an autumn sheep roundup takes place, otherwise called redyk, rozsod or łosod.This day is said to end the season of sheep grazing freely on the mountain pastures, which starts on 23 April (St. Adalbert’s name day). Rituals and customs connected to spring and autumn redyk, and traditional sheep grazing, have been partially preserved in the Małopolska region and the Carpathian mountains until today. Instruments have always played an important role in the sheep herding culture, including shepherd’s horns – trembitas. In Poland, this instrument can be encountered in the Beskids and the Podhale region. In the past, trembitas would serve mainly for signalling, but now they are used by folk artists and during folk performances.

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