Shepherd instruments

Podhale bagpipes

The film focused on Podhale bagpipes, an episode of IMiT’s series Instruments With a Soul. An outstanding highlander artist, Jan Karpiel-Bułecka, features as narrator and bagpipes player, accompanied by Hanka Rybka on traditional highland violin.

On 23 April (St. Adalbert Day), the spring redyk, or the annual ceremonious leading of the sheep to mountain pastures, begins. This custom, cultivated in Poland since the 15th century, has been preserved in some form in Małopolska and Carpathian regions. The shepherd culture used to be strongly linked with the Podhale bagpipe (dudy podhalańskie, or koza), an instrument reactivated by contemporary folk music and performers. The sound of bagpipes used to accompany the spring and autumn redyks, emphasizing their ceremonious nature. In 2015 the skill of producing and playing dudy podhalańskie was entered on Poland’s National List of Non-Material Cultural Heritage.

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